Hello there, my name is Joshua Thorson! A Minnesota-born, Wisconsin and California-educated designer, currently residing in New Hampshire (but open to relocating!).
I'm passionate about the intersection of sustainability and human-centered design, whether that's a circular furniture system, biodegradable running shoes, or redesigning the system of design itself.
I think industrial designers have a lot of power in creating lasting change. I want to use any influence I have to push for responsible sourcing, detailed waste-tracing, and deep investigations into the ethical ramifications of our product and system level decisions.
In 2019 I was honored to be named one of IDSA's four Graduate Student Merit Award winners for my thesis project SUMM. Check out the video of my presentation here.
If you'd like to learn more about my work history, you'll find my resume here.
You can reach me at me@joshua-thorson.com, I'd love to chat.